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Supply short, tomato for Rs 80/kg

Written By kom nampultig on Rabu, 30 Juli 2014 | 22.10

NEW DELHI: Tomato prices continue to remain high at Rs 80 per kg in retail markets of national capital region due to short supply.

In the wholesale market of Azadpur, tomato - a key kitchen ingriedent - is available at Rs 30-40 per kg depending on the quality.

At Mother Dairy's Safal outlets, tomatoes are being sold at Rs 56 per kg, but the local vendors are charging anything between Rs 70-80 per kg.

"The tomato prices are still ruling at Rs 56 per kg as supplies continue to remain under stress," said Mother Dairy's Fruit and Vegetable Business Head Pradipta Sahoo. Tomato Merchants Association, general secretary at Azadpur Mandi Subhash Chuk said prices have been stable in the last few days at Rs 25-40 per kg, as there has not been any improvement in supplies.

Traders also added that tomato prices have not cooled down as supplies from Himachal Pradesh are almost exhausted.

According to the Department of Consumer Affairs latest data, prices of tomatoes in the country are as high as Rs 100 per kg in the PortBlair, followed by Rs 80 per kg in Indore and Ranchi. According to data, the average price of tomato is at per Rs 26 kg.

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AIIMS announces retest

NEW DELHI: AIIMS will reconduct an examination for filling up three junior physiotherapist positions, weeks after the institute failed to select the candidates through a walk-in-interview and exam.

"The examination centre of the department of neuro sciences and cardiology will conduct the examination, as it was very difficult to select three candidates from the huge number who turned up during the walk-in-interview," N K Mishra, head of the neuro sciences centre said.

According to Mishra, over 700 candidates turned up for the walk-in-interview conducted on July 21, for which an examination was also conducted to ease the selection process.

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11 Indians caught in Turkey for using forged UK visas

NEW DELHI: In one of the biggest fake visa recoveries and illegal immigration cases in recent times, police caught hold of 11 forged visas from as many Indian citizens in a single day.

The Indians were caught in Turkey trying to seek entry into the United Kingdom based on forged UK visas. They comprise members of two families, one from Jalandhar, Punjab, and another from New Friends Colony, Delhi. Police say they're surprised both by the size of the operation and the route taken by the accused. Police officials say that the families travelled thousands of kilometres in an attempt to seek an entry into the UK.

According to police, the two families, comprising six people from Punjab and five from Delhi, first flew from IGI to Moscow on June 14 where they got in touch with their agent who supplied them with fake visas. Collecting their visas, they then travelled to Turkey.

They were deported from Turkey through Moscow on July 4 and arrived at IGI airport at 5am. An official said that the passports of the eleven persons were sent to the British High Commission through the Foreign Regional Registration Office (FRRO) in Delhi.

"The British High Commission's verification report confirmed that the suspect UK visas stamped on page number eight in the passports were stolen and a counterfeit print had been added on them. The passengers have committed an offence by using the fake UK visa," the official added.

Police registered a case of cheating and forgery under Section 12 of The Passports Act at IGIA police station.

Dev Kapoor, Seema Kapoor, Jay Kapoor, Sanaya Kapoor, Poorvi Kapoor and Kunal Kapoor reside at Nawashahr in Punjab while Raj Singh, Harjeet Kaur, Chahat Singh, Karan Singh and Buneet live in south Delhi's New Friends Colony.

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Religion not above public interest: HC

NEW DELHI: The Delhi high court has ruled that the religious interests of a community cannot be allowed to supersede the interests of public at large.

The remark came in a verdict which upheld the Centre's decision to revoke its "in-principle" aproval granted to the construction of a Jain temple on forest land at Chatra in Jharkhand.

"In the present case, the temple proposed to be built is meant for a religious community and their interests and the same cannot be allowed to supersede the interests of the public at large.

"Protection of forests and environment is essentially important in view of increasing emission of greenhouse gases. " a bench of Justice Manmohan said.

Referring to various apex court judgements, the court said "individual interest or smaller public interest must yield to larger public interest" and the inconvenience of some shall be bypassed for larger interest or cause of the society.

Jain Shwetamber Kalyanaktirth Nayas had moved the court against the decision of the Ministry of Environment and Forests (MoEF) by which it had on March 24, 2009, revoked the earlier "in-principle" approval for constructuion of a temple and other facilities.

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Three-year-old boy dies after falling into boiling pot

NEW DELHI, A three-year-old boy died after he fell into a pot containing boiling sugar syrup, police said here on Wednesday.

Dev was in his mother's lap when he fell inside the pot after being hit by a rickshaw outside a sweet shop in east Delhi's Trilok Puri area Tuesday evening. His mother also suffered burn injuries on her hands while trying to pull him out of the pot.

Both were taken to a nearby hospital, where Dev succumbed to his burn injuries during treatment.

Police said Dev and his mother were on their way to get milk from the market when the incident took place.

They added that the errant driver was on the run, while his vehicle has been impounded.

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Arvind Kejriwal, AAP chief and ex-CM of Delhi, moves back to his Kaushambi house

Written By kom nampultig on Selasa, 29 Juli 2014 | 22.10

GHAZIABAD: AAP chief Arvind Kejriwal on Tuesday moved back to his apartment in Kaushambi here, as he had to vacate his Tilak Lane residence before July 31, a party leader said.

As Delhi's chief minister, Kejriwal shifted to a Tilak Lane house from his apartment, but after resigning from the post in February, he sought some time to stay in the house due to his daughter's examinations.

The Aam Aadmi Party leader wanted his official residence to be transferred in his wife Sunita's name when she was elevated to the rank of commissioner of income tax and was eligible for such an accommodation.

But the Tilak Lane residence could not be transferred in his wife's name.

Party leaders said Kejriwal searched for several other accommodations in Delhi, but that did not work out.

He finally decided to return to his old residence at apartment No.403 in Girnar Tower of Kaushambi. The party also has its office in the same locality.

Kejriwal's belongings reached the apartment on Monday, and he moved back on Tuesday, said AAP spokesperson Deepak Vajpayee.

Ghaziabad police, meanwhile, said they have no instruction on providing security to any VIP in the area.

"We shall put a security cover (for Kejriwal) if we receive orders from seniors. Till now, we have no such plan," said inspector Rashid Ali of Indirapuram police station.

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‘Strange looking’ animal sparks panic in Parliament complex

NEW DELHI: The appearance of a "strange looking" visitor from the animal world inside the Parliament complex sparked panic within the heavily-fortified compound and threw the security staff there into a tizzy.

A palm civet, an endangered mammal which looks like a cross between a mongoose and a wild cat, was spotted in the Parliament library building, claimed Delhi-based NGO Wildlife SOS, whose staffers were summoned to safely remove the animal.

"Wildlife SOS received a call on their Delhi helpline from the Parliament House about a strange-looking animal that was inside the premises," a press statement said here, adding that the endangered arboreal mammal had strayed into the complex looking for shelter from the rain.

A rescue team from Wildlife SOS rushed to Parliament and confirmed that the animal, which was found hiding behind a TV set, was a common palm civet (Paradoxurus hermaphroditus).

A common palm civet, also called toddy cat rescued by forest officials in Chennai in 2011. (TOI file photo by A Prathap)

Parliament sources said that the incident took place a few days back.

The palm civet is locally referred to as the "kabr bicchu" and is considered to have mythical aspects. The animal is itself completely harmless and largely nocturnal with an omnivorous diet, feeding on fruits and sometimes scavenging, said Wildlife SOS officials.

"Delhi is very fortunate to be home to such unique and endangered wildlife and we should all be working harder to ensure that green areas remain to provide these animals with cover and food," said Geeta Seshamani, the co-founder of Wildlife SOS.

The civet, which was found in a severely dehydrated condition, is currently under medical care and will be released back into its natural habitat after necessary observation procedures, the NGO said.

Civets belong to the Viverridae family and are arboreal creatures (tree climbers) who often find shelter in air conditioner ducts, attics, false ceilings, etc.

Kartick Satyanarayan, co-founder, Wildlife SOS, said, "It is the need of the hour to educate more people about wildlife conservation and habitat protection."

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FCI godowns to go online to check stock manipulation

NEW DELHI: The government will soon launch online management and operation of Food Corporation of India (FCI) depots to wipe out manipulation in stock and handling of grains.

Siphoning off huge quantity of grains in the guise of waste is one of the major issues for FCI which has 2,000 such depots across the country. Sources said once the online system is put in place, each bag of grain entering and exiting the depots would be recorded. "The system will reflect each bag right from the weighing bridge and there will be regular updates on the stock. It will record what happens to stock including actual loss at frequent intervals," said a source.

He said at present, there is enough scope for insiders to divert the stock and then showing them under the "permissible loss" head on account of wastage. Thus they escape any chance of being caught even during scrutiny.

"Under the new system, whenever any grain goes out of the depots, these will be recorded and hence there will be no room for taking any stock out of the depots," said an official. He said that a software has already been tested in one depot in Andhra Pradesh. Bringing all the 2,000 depots would take about one-and-a-half years.

While at present CCTV cameras have been installed in about 50 food grain warehouses, sources said real- time online tracking of stocks inside depots will bring about a paradigm shift.

FCI claims to have brought down the loss to 0.05%. This new intervention is likely to reduce the loss further. As on July 1, the total wheat stock in FCO depots was 398 lakh tonnes and rice stock stood at 212 lakh tonnes.

The Nadrendra Modi government has also prioritized the efficient working of FCI and better management of food grain stocks.

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Car goes missing from service centre

NEW DELHI: A doctor at Safdarjung hospital lost his Chevrolet Cruze from the unlikeliest of places - the company's authorized service centre in Okhla, southeast Delhi, from where the car was mysteriously stolen while being repaired.

The story gets more bizarre. The owner, Dr Balvinder Singh, was told about the theft only when he went to collect the car on July 25. According to the doctor, the service centre did not inform the police about the theft. Instead, after much haggling, he was offered another used car in return.

No other vehicle was reported missing from the workshop. The thief had apparently access to the car's sensor-enabled keys. When contacted, managers at the service centre refused to comment on the incident.

Dr Balvinder Singh, whose car was allegedly stolen from a service centre in Okhla, said the police have been unwilling to register a case of theft. When Singh lodged an FIR with the Okhla police, the case was filed under "criminal breach of trust".

Singh said he had bought the Chevrolet Cruze (JK 02A S 6967) in June 2011 and it had so far run around 45,000km. He said for the last two months, he had sent the car to the particular workshop in Okhla several times because it always came back with some problem.

He last sent the car for repairs on July 22 and was asked to pick it up three days later. When Singh called up the service centre on July 25, he was told that one his door handles was missing and that he could collect the car in the evening.

Singh said when he reached the service centre around 6pm that day, an executive told him that the car had been stolen. The workshop employees could not explain how the car could be started unless the thieves had access to the sensor keys. The service centre also told him there were no CCTV cameras in the premises.

The service centre also allegedly refused to register a police complaint and in return offered Singh a similar second hand car. "When I refused, they asked me to register a complaint and deal with the issue on my own. It seemed they wanted to wash their hands of the matter," said Singh.

Singh then registered a complaint with the Okhla police station in which he raised suspicion against the owner and employees of the service station, but the police registered a case under section 406 IPC and asked him to submit the documents given to him by the service centre to initiate investigations. "The cops told me that the case will be converted to one of theft after investigations," said Singh.

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Minor girl gang-raped at gunpoint in Delhi

NEW DELHI: A teenaged girl was allegedly gang-raped at gunpoint by five people known to her in a west Delhi house, police said on Tuesday.

The victim, a resident of Uttam Nagar and a student of class X, was taken to a house in west Delhi a week ago by the accused — all of whom are known to her — when she was going to school and raped in turns, police said.

Of the five accused, three are minors.

In her complaint, the victim told the police that one of the accused was carrying a pistol and threatened her with dire consequences if she disclosed the incident to anyone.

She added the accused also recorded the incident on a mobile phone.

Incidentally, the police have not yet found the gun.

The victim's parents got to know about the incident, a week after it took place, when she complained of uneasiness and was taken to a hospital.

"Two minors have been apprehended while a 20-year-old accused was arrested from their respective houses after the girl's parents approached the police. The hunt for the other two accused, who are on the run, is on," a police official said.

He added that the police are verifying all the allegations.

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