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AAP to start cleanup drive

Written By kom nampultig on Rabu, 27 Agustus 2014 | 22.10

NEW DELHI: Aam Aadmi Party's volunteers in Malviya Nagar, along with residents, will start a signature campaign in the area from Monday to demand dustbins and toilets in the colony.

The campaign, called "I need wastebin and a clean toilet" will first involve collecting signatures from residents. The party hopes to collect at least 25,000 through September which will then be submitted to the lieutenant governor. "The entire constituency will be mapped and volunteers will identify high priority places which urgently need bins and toilets. If this model is successful, it will be replicated in other parts of the city as well," said party sources.

The project will be led by MLA Somnath Bharti.

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Cops identify woman on pyre, family still missing

NEW DELHI: Police have identified the woman whose body had been abandoned on the pyre at Nigambodh Ghat on August 19.

The body is claimed to be that of 23-year-old Khushboo who lived at Prem Nagar in Aman Vihar, outer Delhi. She was married and is survived by a daughter, police said while adding that her relatives couldn't be traced.

On August 19, a group of four to five men had brought the body for cremation. The men completed all the formalities at the crematorium and even placed the body on the pyre. They would break down intermittently and console each other. After half an hour they decamped, one by one. They were last seen leaving the venue as some cops arrived for routine patrolling.

The body was preserved in the mortuary and clues were gathered to identify the woman's identity. All missing complaints of women in their twenties and thirties were scanned on Zipnet. The only lead was the CCTV footage at the crematorium but the probe hit a dead end after the wires were found to have been snapped apparently by monkeys.

The team came by a new piece of information when an employee told them that he had overheard the men talking about Prem Nagar. This, however, led to further obfuscation as the cops found there were six areas in Delhi by this name. Tracking a woman in all these areas was a task. DCP (north) Madhur Verma said he his teams put up posters with the woman's photo and other details in the areas.

The idea worked and the cops soon got a call from an "acquaintance". It was from a locality in Aman Vihar. A raid was conducted on Tuesday but the woman's kin were found to be missing.

The local police are in the know. Inquest proceedings under Section 174 of CrPC are under way and a case will only be registered after the postmortem. The wanted to establish her identity first. Now the cops are on the lookout for a relative to get to the bottom of the case.

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14-yr-old girl alleges rape by 2 youths

NEW DELHI: A 14-year-old girl has alleged that she was gang-raped by her neighbour and his cousin. The girl told police that the duo had taken her to their aunt's house in Meerut and raped her. Later they brought her back to her house before fleeing from the locality.

The girl also told police that she was heading back home from a beauty parlour when the two came up and lured her to accompany them. When she agreed, they took her in a car and drove to Meerut. She said that they had taken turns to rape her. The two have been identified and a search is on to nab them, police said.

A case has been registered at the Harsh Vihar police station in northeast Delhi.

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DTC buses to have electronic ticketing machines

NEW DELHI: DTC buses may finally go hi-tech within next six months as the corporation has decided to take up the project of installing electronic ticketing machines in all its buses.
Interestingly, passengers will also be able to pay their fare on DTC buses with Delhi Metro smart cards till July next year.

"Some companies have shown their interest in this project and in next seven days, a company will be selected for this pilot project. We hope that ETMs will be installed in DTC buses within six months," DTC chief Debashree Mukherjee said.

The project, which was first mooted in 2010, is expected to plug the holes in DTC's existing revenue collection system. It will also be the first step towards an automated fare collection system that would include Delhi Metro and other forms of public transport.

"After installing ETMs in buses in next six months, we will then move towards common cards for travelling in both DTC and Metro, which will be done in another six months," Mukherjee said.

A common mobility card was proposed in 2010, during the Commonwealth Games, but failed to take off due to differences over revenue sharing.

According to DTC, all matters have now been sorted out and corporation wants this project to be implemented as soon as possible for giving better facilities to its passengers.

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Corporation Bank's 'Corp Excel' branch at Karol Bagh inaugurated

MANGALORE: S R Bansal, chairman and managing director of Corporation Bank inaugurated the Bank's redesigned branch with 'e-Lobby' at Karol Bagh in New Delhi on Wednesday. With a view to enhancing customer convenience, 'Corp Excel' branch has been aesthetically designed with layouts demarcated between customer facing and operations work. The "24x7 e-Lobby" has self-service automation kiosks, self-service passbook printer and an ATM.

Machines are user-friendly and can be used at ease by the customers. Layout of the branch also includes a convenient and simplified queue management system and sufficient customer waiting area. 'Corp Excel' branches have been rolled out by the Bank at various centres under Project Sankalp - business process re-engineering exercise of the Bank that has plans to open 200 such branches having 'e-Lobby' facility across India by December 2015.

The Bank has 143 branches and 260 ATMs covering the national capital region including Delhi, Gurgaon, Faridabad, Ghaziabad and Noida. Overall, across India, Corporation Bank has network of over 9,136 functional units including 2,080 branches, 2,678 ATMs and 4,378 branchless banking units. The Bank has its representative offices in Dubai and Hong Kong to cater to needs of NRI clients. N B Kulasekaran, circle General Manager was present.

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Depression risk double for diabetics: Study

Written By kom nampultig on Selasa, 26 Agustus 2014 | 22.10

NEW DELHI: If you have a family member suffering from diabetes, make sure he or she is screened for depression among other offshoots of the lifestyle disease. A recent study conducted by a hospital in the city has revealed that depression is twice as common in diabetics as compared to healthy persons.

It was also found that middle-aged people, particularly women who stay at home, were more susceptible to the mood disorder. The study, conducted at Max hospital, Saket, included 260 people of which 130 were diabetic. The study also showed that nearly 35% diabetics suffer from depression, compared to 20% non-diabetics and the disease is more common among women (32.65%).

Dr Sujeet Jha, who heads the Institute of Endocrinology, Diabetes and Metabolism at Max hospital said the occurrence of depression in diabetics is related to impaired blood glucose levels, obesity and other complications. "There is no scientific evidence to explain higher prevalence of depression among diabetics. It may have something to do with the chronic nature of the disease. Diabetics have to get their sugar levels checked regularly and higher levels could increase the chance of developing depression," he added.

Dr Jha said one-to-one or group counselling with trained educators can help reduce the risk of depression. "Encouragement and support from family members is equally important," Jha said.

Dr Sameer Malhotra, director, Institute of Mental Health and Behavioural Sciences at Max Hospital, said he often gets patients suffering from diabetes who complain of depression. "There is a biological link between diabetes and depression. It has been proved scientifically that the former causes changes in neuro-chemicals that affect brain functioning," he said. Dr Malhotra said a healthy diet and proper medication can help ward off the disease.

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'A' mania in DUSU polls challenged for first time

NEW DELHI: All Indian Students' Association has challenged the custom of Delhi University Students' Union election contestants changing their name to include 'A' once or several times as its initial letters. Candidates do this in a bid to top the ballot list to garner maximum attention from their electors. They typically change their name via a court affidavit just before the election.

The student body has filed a writ petition in Delhi high court along with two persons Charul Negi, who'd contested in 2013, and lost to Karishma Thakur' and Aman Nawaz, who intends to run in the upcoming election. It seeks an "order or direction to respondents to ensure that the distribution of the ballot numbers? is based not on an alphabetical order of names, but on a draw of lots/lottery conducted in a free and fair manner".

The group's petition also makes clear that it wouldn't want the election, which is slated for September 12, to be stayed. The case will be heard on Tuesday.

The mania for the first letter of the English alphabet, as far as candidate names are concerned, has become a regular feature of every DU student election though some said it's not clear if it influences voting pattern. DUSU election officials have, meanwhile, said that the practice cannot be banned as it's not illegal. This tactic has so far been adopted mainly by National Students' Union of India and Akhil Bharatiya Vidyarthi Parishad candidates.

Arguing that it's no more than a "poll gimmick", AISA has said that "elections should be fought on real issues" and that this "unfair practice" should be disallowed. However, other student groups have said that, while they, too, do not endorse this custom, their candidates are free to "exercise personal choice".

"If candidates adopt such means, they should also come out openly with the rationale behind it," said Sunny Kumar of AISA. "This has been the trend. As an organization, we don't have control over names," Saket Bahuguna, Delhi state secretary, ABVP, said. "It's all up to the candidate," said NSUI's Amrish Ranjan Pandey.

There is no clear indication, though, that such tactics change the voting pattern. In fact when Ragini Nayak of NSUI won the post of president, her name was in 15th position. In last year's elections, none of the ABVP candidates (three of four won) were on top of the list. Pandey said, "I'm not sure if there are benefits. But this has been an old tradition." "Students vote for only those who've been working on the ground," Bahuguna said.

According to D S Rawat, chief election officer, "There is nothing legally wrong with the practice, as they change their names via a court affidavit. Hence we can't put a stop to it though our advice is not to indulge in these things."

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End of road for carjacker

NEW DELHI: One of the most active carjackers in Delhi and UP, Piyush Tyagi, was arrested by the anti auto theft squad of east district on Saturday.

"On August 23, we had received information that that Tyagi would be coming to Ashok Nagar metro station in a stolen car. A trap was laid and the accused was apprehended. His Zen car was seized," said Ajay Kumar, DCP (east).

Tyagi had been earlier arrested in cases of carjacking, murder and robbery.

During sustained interrogation he disclosed that he, along with his associates, used to rob vehicles form Delhi and NCR. A Toyota Fortuner was recovered on this instance.

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Motihari killer in police net

NEW DELHI: A notorious contract killer, who had carried out the Motihari killings in Bihar on August 8, has been nabbed by the Delhi Police crime branch.

The accused, Sunil Singh, was active in Delhi, Uttar Pradesh and Bihar, venturing out as a hired killer for various gangsters. Singh has identified other members of the shootout as Tunna Singh, Vikas Singh, Ravi Singh, Ram Parvesh, Deva Gupta, Rahul Singh, Sujay Singh and Sujit Singh. The gang wanted to establish their supremacy over the real estate business in the area.

"Police in several states had been alerted to lookout for the accused post the shootout. A team led by ACP KPS Malhotra, Inspector Kulbir Singh and SI Ritesh arrested him," said DCP (crime) Bhisham Singh.

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Pak commission to decide on custody of girl

NEW DELHI: The Delhi high court on Monday disposed of a petition over the custody of a Pakistani girl whose paternal aunt had moved a plea here. The child is staying with her maternal uncle.

A bench of justices Reva Khetrapal and S P Garg said the girl's deceased parents and her maternal uncle are Pakistanis, and High Commission and courts of Pakistan are competent authorities.

HC added that the Pakistan High Commission was asked to come but it did not. "We have even sought its assistance for resolving the issue but it did not respond. It is for the High Commission to look into the matter. However, no one appeared," the court said, adding that the paternal aunt can approach the commission and if they don't hear her, she can appeal to the home ministry.

HC noted that the status report filed by Delhi Police and J&K shows all parties are Pakistanis and their visa expires on September 30.

The child had lost her mother and stepfather in June in an accident on their way to Srinagar from Delhi. The aunt, an advocate in Lahore, was informed about the mishap. Shazia Naz then filed a habeas corpus plea saying she was in touch with her niece till July 17 after which her whereabouts were unknown, and sought that the girl be handed over to her.

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